Week 12- It’s Saturday, 3 am Eastern. I’m up!

It’s been a long time since getting up at this hour and “choring.” Oh, I’ve recently worked about 6 weeks of nights, but to get up and and blog to fulfill a requirement, somehow this doesn’t seem like a chore today. I’m up today…literally and emotionally.

I attend a couple study groups each week when I have time. One is a study on A Course In Miracles and the other is currently studying a book called Oneness. Each study group is just more reinforcement on what is being taught and has been accepted in our MKMMA. Since starting MKMMA, I’m finding myself actually scheduling time for these other two groups. Even though I have always enjoyed these two other studies, immensely enjoyed, I found times and reasons not to go. I am seeing change here.

I make a load of cold calls for work every day. This is a salesman’s most unproductive type of sales there is, I know. That’s another thing I will schedule a “sit” on. But this week I started having fun. And it showed better results. Did prospects get a different energy from my voice with the same presentation? Was it an attitude change with the mental diet? I think so on both thoughts! I am seeing change here.

As mentioned last week, I have fully embraced what we are learning in this 26 weeks with MKMMA. It struck a chord from the first advertisement. It made sense then and the more we learned the more it was, just as promised. It gives easy rules and reasons of why we are where we are in this life today (Haanel). And it gives little tips on how to accelerate the experience of getting to where I want to get, Mark J and the Fabulous Davene…and all.

What I am finding is that “the sit’ and “the “mental diet” are having the most noticeable effect on me now. Love has been my go to place to change my thought habits. It is easy to do with our new grand daughter so close and my wife sitting everyday. Once again, it is all getting reinforced in this weeks study. “It is the combination of Thought and Love which forms the irresistible force called the law of attraction.”

To be continued…


Week 11- Faith is mentioned this week

It seems strange that it has been 11 weeks into our  course and faith is just now being brought up. In my mind it, trying to remember my past, it seems that faith has always been the first thing mentioned when talking about anything new that might not follow the old guidelines.

It takes faith to believe in that which is not seen. Have faith in that which you don’t understand. Keep faith that all will be well. If there was little belief, I was to have faith that what was told or explained was fact.

But Haanel has chosen to wait and build a case that what is being talked about in his book is fact. And he has made a believer out of me from the first lesson. What has been proposed has been believable from the get-go. He has chosen to bring faith in here only to state that it “demands a new form of expression, and this faith is taking form in a deep and consciousness of power which is being manifested in the present spiritual activity found on every hand.” In other words, faith to me is now fact. A begets A and B begets B if the immutable laws are followed…

Think of what is wanted in a present state and keep that thought with energy and feeling as the prime thought in my mind. And it can not help to come to fruition. That’s the Cliff’s notes version, but still makes the point.

All I have to this point in my life, if I am clear thinking now (and I am) can be traced to my exact thoughts over my entire 66+ years. That’s probably the greatest discovery at this point in my life. I am elated to know this!!! I wish I could have found this years ago.

I can change and become exactly what I want to become, within reason. That is pretty neat!

To be continued…

Week 10- There is no effect without an adequate cause

This too, I realize. It restates week 8 number 19 which also says” You can not entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts 10 hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by 10 minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.”

So that’s why we have thoughts to counter our negatives that pop in once in a while. There is a ton to do for this and it almost seems daunting. But if all is done, it keeps my mind in that new place and out of the old.

But, this week has gotten away from me. I have let some things slide, like sitting, and it is telling. I have let up on exercise for a time and am now starting back on track. I have to say, consistency was only in reading “The Greatest Salesman” three times daily and countering my off diet with thoughts of love.

This is short and sweet today, I have had a few successes, business wise, but not so much on the spiritual and habit side. Starting once again right now.

To be continued…

Week 9- Man is the sum total of his own thoughts

I guess I always had the feeling that I was the sum total of my thoughts, but never really gave any thought that the sum total could be changed. At least in this life time.

But along comes Mark J. and the fabulous Davene and put up the fact, It can be changed. Oh it takes some work and rearranging, continues effort is the way it is put, but in the scheme of things, it is really quite simply.

Change my habits. Change my affirmations (without due consideration, mine were most often very negative). Hold in my mind what I truly desire and put it as it is already happening.  As long as it is truthful, think not in negatives, but in positives and continually visualize it as happening and the universe can do nothing but create that result.

What is truly interesting is that by reading Emerson’s Essay on Compensation a couple weeks ago and learning that by giving, you receive in return. In other words, if you want love, you need to give love. And the more love you give, the more you will receive. How wonderful is that! (This part has been very easy with the new grand daughter) As I have said, it is like holding a bundle of love when I get to hold her. She’s close by and I have access-pretty neat. I stop by for a “fix” every once in a while and this just grows out from those short stops.

So much on one of the three things we all desire. I am working on the Health and Wealth parts. Health has been pretty good to me as I have always felt positive about this part. The past has seen most difficulty with the Wealth piece and with the pieces Mark and Davenne are showing us to get our subby’s to see the light, in one way or another, that too is looking better. I’ll take love and health as a wonderful start.

To be continued…

Week 8- When to finally allow imagination?

66 years and I have not allowed myself much imagination. I have known this, it seems forever. I put myself in a box at an early age. This I knew from the beginning it seems. For whatever reason, I would not allow myself real joy. So I went about life without any real goals of my own.  I followed what was put in my head by two very well meaning and great parents. Go to school, get good grades so I could go to college and then get a good job.

But somewhere along the line, I found I liked golf and that I wanted to teach that sport. I really wanted to play, but didn’t think I could get in front of people and play the way I needed. So I was OK with teaching. I loved seeing others take some information I’d give them and move on to whatever success they were looking for. I loved seeing the smiles on their face when they “got it.”

But my child that always did what he was told, or most of the time,anyway, won out and I went to school, got good grades and went to college. Somebody’s goal was attained.  And then I was out of somebody else’s goals and I had accomplished it and I didn’t know where to go from there. I couldn’t find my own direction because I couldn’t find my own desire. That was, until I woke up about 8 years later and thought I better start looking at something that could bring in a bit more money than I was earning. Guess what happened? A job appeared that was interesting. Looking back, constructive thought- and not a lot of it, but focused- and there was a positive result. Looking further back, even though not my hearts desire, because I really didn’t care for school much, but that continued thought, go to school, get good grades and go to college, lead to a completed goal. Guess it doesn’t have to be my goal, just one that has some focus.

I could go on and on about lack of goals, but when something was needed, it appeared. That, is pretty neat stuff.

There is a lot of negative stuff that has happened because that’s exactly where the focus was. So in essence, what was visualized has always been there, each and every time. It is time to visualize exactly what it is that I want. Constructive imagination will bring my heart’s desire. There is no question in my mind.

I’m keeping up my 7 day diet. No, I haven’t completed it yet. There is always something that messes up and I am starting over again, as I type. It is getting better on that front. And I have a smile on my face right now. This is giving me happiness.

To be continued…

Week 7- Sherman and Mr. Peabody are not looking to the Future

Good Heavens! And I thought last week was a look back! This week has been just more of the same and then some more. I believed this was going to get easier as I got older.  Next moment please.

I know to think of love when I get off base. That worked before. But something is fighting this like there’s no tomorrow.

We have a new grandchild that is now nearing 10 weeks old. Love when holding her is easy. One thought only and usually sitting. Just like it’s suppose to be. That is easy. Then comes someone and gives her a couple vaccinations. Next she has a 102 temperature and I am livid. Instructions are given that 102 is OK and 102.5 for to 104 is reason to call the nurse. The baby crying for three hours is also a reason. My monkey mind couldn’t let this go till this morning when I woke and thought, how ignorant on my part. This is not my baby or my life. Love to all is all that I can do and I found the zone.

Millions of my mental workers being run by a few. This is not what is in my mind. I have the millions running the few tonight and into the next moment.

My mental image is for total health and liberty. Focus is on these in a wonderful look back from the future.

Mentally I get the idea of power of laser focus on my true desires. It would seem simple then to do the focusing as needed and not have interuption in those wonderful thoughts. There is work to be done.

To be continued…

Week Six- Going to the way back machine Sherman

OK, maybe not way back Mr. Peabody, just back to the end of last week. Clouds of darkness accumulated through long ages of misery that attended imperfect information was at my door again.  Need a do over this week. Brain cleaning did not get completed. Still a work in progress. House got clean. Red box was a success!

So at the end of week five, some things were said that brought my little self out and he had trouble finding the quiet place that the main me desires. The little me took over for quite a while and sitting took extra time to become one with the main character of my future picture. It was extra work to read “The Guy in the Glass” every night…and out loud…and say “I LOVE YOU” and want to really say it.

I am finding that it is so much easier to feel love, at least for everyone else, if not for me, and then soak some excess up as an after glow for me. Well, that kinda happened, and that’s when I smiled at the guy in the mirror. I am still a bit self conscious about that, I must admit.

We have an 8 week old grand baby that we have the joy of daily interactions. Times I can hold her are the peaceful times and pure love I am looking for in sitting or meditating. The “fix” has come in the way of an innocent lovely new member to our world. I must look at me as I do her.

To be continued…

Week Five- Dictionary Please

Mark said he had a dictionary by his side and I could understand with a bit of what we’d been reading for the first four weeks. But this week with Emerson took me over the top. A dictionary wasn’t fast enough. I had Google on another screen so I could get some kind of flow going. I thought I had a decent knowledge of the English language and found out I am pretty ignorant. Again, I have a way to go. Maybe not part of my heart’s desire, or one of my dominating thoughts, but a bit more knowledge in this realm won’t hurt.

Hmmm, section 12 in Master Keys talks about house-cleaning. That’s what’s happening tonight. Literally, house-cleaning and I’m finding some time to do some mental house-cleaning at the same time. It was a rough day on the home front today. Getting ready for a wedding and 12 people traveling from New Zealand for my step-daughter’s wedding, she and her husband-to-be are two of them. So there is lots of pressure to make sure the wedding goes off without too much difficulty and the house gets in shape for three couples moving in for a few days. I was able to stay in a good zone for a while and then eased back into an old and familiar feeling of inadequacy. I am just now, along with my house-cleaning, getting my brain clean also.

Desiring it with unbridled passion, asserting claim to the power I know is mine and everyone’s and grabbing it for all it’s worth. Who would have thought that cleaning the house would bring this kind of joy?

I am a new man, with a new life.

Before my next cleaning… To be continued…




Week 4- The Forward shows up

I have had habits that have not been good. I have acted as a child for many years and the MKMMA crew is showing how to change childish impulses into great habits.

But along comes the Forward this week and more is put into order in my mind. Every thought brings into action certain physical bodily changes. As The Greatest Salesman states, sometimes, time is not on my side. Daily meditation is a huge source of power to quicken my belief and shortens the experience time. Throwing off negative thoughts with constant thoughts of my DMP and PPN’s are quickening the journey to my main “I,” the one that directs me.  And it is happening in weeks, not years as has been my past experience.

Now knowing, from the bottom of my heart, (is that the solar plexus?) makes the daily meditations so much more wonderful. Most days when sitting still, there is a calm. And this is usually accomplished after some struggling times. It is those times that I find myself retreating to my chair to meditate. The chair is in the corner of a room, however, I am not facing the corner as I was once… or twice.. asked to do in growing up. Today I get a smile on my face and start breathing easier, quite a contrast to years past. This stuff is pretty nice.

I sent in my DMP with some small adjustments that were mentioned. This could be my final submittal on this DMP, but somehow it seems as there are going to be constant adjustments to that purpose for a lot of years to come. Thanks to Carolyn for her help on this first try at my DMP. Carolyn, you have been wonderful.

To be continued…


Week 3- 3rd and 23, keeping my eye on the goal

Master Keys says eliminate complaining about conditions, past and present, that bother me as I have it within myself to change them. That keeps me going as I truly belief the first two weeks’ lessons. All three weeks’ lessons hit home. And I’m finding that those evil thoughts, those that have had me in a 60 year funk, are not as common as they once were. My eyes are seeing a bigger picture, fun and games in all that I choose to do. How great this feels!

Yes, old ideas and habits creep in, but there is another direction now. I know where to take it. They are acknowledged as being there and thought is then directed to the project or thing that moves me forward, ever growing. As another mighty soul I admire says, “This is pretty neat stuff. Don’t you just have to love it?”

Since school, I have always been engaged in some sort of sales profession. For years, I have dreaded the thought of calling prospects. This makes this profession fairly difficult. It was tough getting out of bed each day, kinda like Mondays when going to school as a kid. Today, I actually had fun cold calling and following up with past calls. This is reflected in my voice, I’m sure. Prospective clients are going to hear what needs to be heard for their betterment. I rejoice in being able to help them with the services I have at hand. They’re going to love it. Og Mandino comes through in The Greatest Salesman in the World. Today my old skin has become as dust. I walk tall among men and they know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.

I’ve been looking for some more dreams that would indicate that I’m going deeper into myself, becoming more or at one with my true guide. It doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough, but then again, it is. I can not believe the majority of thoughts that have changed for the positive in three weeks. Patience grasshopper, patience.

I believe there will be more blogs this week than just this one.           to be continued…