Week 21- Big Thoughts and Ask and You Shall Receive

Week twenty one begins by stating that “one of the secrets to success, one of the methods of organizing victory, one of the accomplishments of the Master Mind is to think big thoughts. This in direct contradiction to what had always been said to me, at least as remembered. The rule was have the goal that is “just” out of reach so the mind could accept small steps. That always made sense, but never seemed to work. What had been missing in the equation were the tools that have been presented in this MKMMA Course; The Master Keys to Success, habits, meditating, The Seven Laws of the Mind, Definite Major Purpose, Masterminding and Blogging to name a few.

With these tools and the lesson this week, it becomes apparent that the mind doesn’t know size. And more importantly, thinking on a large scale, allows the smaller, and often times, the nuisances, to take care of themselves. How neat is that. Sidelight is that when I’m focused on a big picture, the ego and day to day annoyances are non-existent.

My Definite Major Purpose was set well beyond anything I’d thought of before. It included helping 40,000 employees and their employers enroll in a program that will have an tremendous impact on reducing their cost of healthcare while putting cash back in each of their pockets, each and every pay period. Did I mention, there is no net cost to either. This program was offered to my company to help market, just prior to The MKMMA experience. When asked for a DMP, 40,000 was the number that came to me. My mind already knew this was achievable. I don’t believe this would have appeared had it not been for this program. The first 2,500 is in process. Onward!

As an aside, Week 15 was about The Franklin Makeover. It was about focus; what we focus upon, we start seeing everywhere. An example of this is when one of our daughter’s was pregnant, suddenly I noticed pregnant women everywhere.

In regard to our program, I have been seeing more of Haanel’s principals (laws) in several book studies, A Course in Miracles, Oneness and the Bible. (Prior to this MKMMA Course, I had only opened a Bible to read Genesis years ago so as to answer Jeopardy questions. Thank heaven for MKMMA, I am being saved.) But more, I am seeing references to these laws in other readings which I have been directed to in various ways, Joseph Murphy, Wallace Wattles and Earnest Holmes.

Finally, from Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book, Emergence, I quote, “As we shift our attention and identity to the Essential Self  and experience the world outside from this inner vantage point, the outer action seems miraculously to repattern itself to a higher order, one that is more resonant to our inner values. The steps we are to take in accomplishing our work are revealed spontaneously.

Ease of effort replaces overwhelm. Peace dissolves anxiety, panic and nervousness… When we take our attention off our strategies to get things done, when ego steps aside and essence is in dominion, life becomes a process of creative discovery. Internal compulsion relaxes its grip. We begin to flow in our work spontaneously and to unfold organically with others… Things that seemed impossible before now begin to happen effortlessly…When new order starts forming out of chaos in our lives, we realize we too are part of the self-organizing universe that brought us from subatomic particles to this very instant in time. It is no more miraculous that we should evolve into a higher order than the subatomic particles made atoms and that molecules made cells.”

I am becoming one with myself and the Universal Energy.

To be continued…



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