Week 18…or 19, depending- BUT, BE HAPPY

Once again, I am told it is but a choice. “The Universal Mind is static Mind or Substance in equilibrium. It is differentiated into form by our power to think. Thought is the dynamic phase of the mind.” Sooo, whadaya think? MKMMA is working me each day to focus on the good, the things I truly want. How am I continually striving to change what might not have been the thoughts I wanted to create? It is happening through meditation, flipping through card decks with the things I want and the positives of which I need to take notice.

I am Reading three times a day from Og Mandino and The Greatest Salesman in the World. I am changing habits from the old to the new. FOCUS on what I WANT, not what I have been or do not want. Continue this focus, with feeling, during every waking hour. And what happens when I sleep? I take these ideas to bed with me as the last thing I think about before turning in.

Turning in, that’s interesting, because that’s exactly what I need to do. Go inside myself to the real authority, The Universal Energy that is within us all. It needs to see what I am trying to complete in order to move the universe in that direction. So, the last thing before sleep and the first thing upon waking should be the ever present thoughts of what I want, not what I do not want.

Focusing on what makes me happy gets the real feeling involved in the mix and it is this combination with repetition that moves the atoms into alignment for exactly what I want.

And what do I want more than anything? What will help build a better life than LOVE and HAPPINESS? The genius in me is Attention and the Attention is being practiced.

So I am stacking my card deck with Happiness and seeing it everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Week 18…or 19, depending- BUT, BE HAPPY

  1. “I am stacking my card deck with Happiness and seeing it everywhere”. I am going to follow your lead and also stack my deck with Happiness and look forward to seeing Happiness everywhere. If, I can see it, then it must be within me. I look forward to sharing and spreading this Happiness all around me. Thanks for sharing.

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