Week 17- Here comes Emerson again

The Essay on Compensation by Emerson says that the more you give, the more you get. This give a new twist on an old thought I’d had…forever. I couldn’t offer more love than I had love for myself. And for years, that was not something that was available. I had trouble looking at myself in the mirror. But Emerson showed a new way. I could give love, and the more I gave, the more I could feel about myself. And you know what, that worked! With Sherman and Mr. Peabody and the way-way back machine, thinking on times that were successful in my life (when I felt happy) equated to helping and caring about someone else. That fact never failed! The MKMMA light had to be switched on again to put it in place.

Getting back to the essay and Compensation, the more we give, the more we get. It works well with part of this week’s lesson and concentration. Give more focused thought (meditations), “become so engrossed in the subject, as to be conscious of nothing else. Such concentration leads to intuitive perception and immediate insight into the nature of the object concentrated upon.” Part 17-6

“It is thus that the mind becomes a magnet and the desire to know draws the knowledge, irresistibly attracts it, and makes it our own.”

Once again I am jumping into the way-back machine. I remember as a child, it was easy to dream and things seemed to become realities fairly easily. I can see it in children now, prior to their being influenced by well meaning friends and family or misinterpreting what they are experiencing. Then at some point, five years old, six, somewhere around then, the dreams seemed fewer and farther apart and ending in, I don’t remember, just not dreaming. Too many outside negative influences? Things became a bit more difficult, still leaning on not too hard to get on in the world and then moved further to the point that it just didn’t make sense anymore. There were no more dreams and it was difficult to go on day to day. There was no focus. That’s been a lot of years from then till now and a little course called MKMMA dropped into my email and struck a chord.

Positive life grows because the laws that work are being presented and internalized. It is good to get up and out of bed again. Great lessons are being learned.

To be continued…



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