Week 13- Tough week for homework, but have gratitude for all I have done and all I am about to do

Family get-togethers, family calls, skyping and another family get-together that has step-son and family in for three days, probably for the last time for years to come. They are expecting their fourth child this March and it’s getting tougher and tougher to move the kids enforce. So we have been happy and busy- cooking, cleaning, doing dishes and watching precious little people. For this family, I am grateful.

I was adopted at weeks of age by wonderful parents and had two wonderful sisters growing up. I couldn’t have grown up in a better family. One of my sisters in growing up was also adopted. Then along came our youngest sister to a couple that didn’t think they would have any of their own. They were 38 and 39 when my sister and I were adopted and 40 with their first born. For this family, I am grateful.

I found birth relatives about 6 years ago. There were two half sisters, a half brother and a full brother, nieces and nephews that I still see and knowledge of my birth parents that seems beyond just interesting. For this family, I am grateful.

Soooo, off to my newest growth…and another family.

Og gets done, sits are about 15 minutes before and after everyone goes to bed and cards need to be finished and gone through two, three or many times each day. Soooo, new start. Thought on DMP is ever present upon awakening, during my day, before sleep and each time I wake at night. It’ just always there. That’s pretty neat! That’s there and negatives that were constantly my thoughts are seldom felt. Oh, I’ve started my 7 day mental diet each and every day and sometimes several times a day. But my overpowering thoughts have changed. The diet is having effect. The long-time oppressive thoughts are not obsessive. They are fleeting. Haanel, Mark J, the Fabulous Davene and guides have put the Keys together in a way that fits for me. It is working.

I am noticing small things. I have heard for years about writing a gratitude list…and never did it. It just wasn’t in me to find a lot to be grateful for. That’s where I was. There was no escaping, but I just knew there was… somewhere down deep… I just knew there was. And along comes MKMMA and it is here. For this I am grateful.

Thank you…for all I have done… and all I am about to do.

To be continued…


Week 12- It’s Saturday, 3 am Eastern. I’m up!

It’s been a long time since getting up at this hour and “choring.” Oh, I’ve recently worked about 6 weeks of nights, but to get up and and blog to fulfill a requirement, somehow this doesn’t seem like a chore today. I’m up today…literally and emotionally.

I attend a couple study groups each week when I have time. One is a study on A Course In Miracles and the other is currently studying a book called Oneness. Each study group is just more reinforcement on what is being taught and has been accepted in our MKMMA. Since starting MKMMA, I’m finding myself actually scheduling time for these other two groups. Even though I have always enjoyed these two other studies, immensely enjoyed, I found times and reasons not to go. I am seeing change here.

I make a load of cold calls for work every day. This is a salesman’s most unproductive type of sales there is, I know. That’s another thing I will schedule a “sit” on. But this week I started having fun. And it showed better results. Did prospects get a different energy from my voice with the same presentation? Was it an attitude change with the mental diet? I think so on both thoughts! I am seeing change here.

As mentioned last week, I have fully embraced what we are learning in this 26 weeks with MKMMA. It struck a chord from the first advertisement. It made sense then and the more we learned the more it was, just as promised. It gives easy rules and reasons of why we are where we are in this life today (Haanel). And it gives little tips on how to accelerate the experience of getting to where I want to get, Mark J and the Fabulous Davene…and all.

What I am finding is that “the sit’ and “the “mental diet” are having the most noticeable effect on me now. Love has been my go to place to change my thought habits. It is easy to do with our new grand daughter so close and my wife sitting everyday. Once again, it is all getting reinforced in this weeks study. “It is the combination of Thought and Love which forms the irresistible force called the law of attraction.”

To be continued…

Week 11- Faith is mentioned this week

It seems strange that it has been 11 weeks into ourĀ  course and faith is just now being brought up. In my mind it, trying to remember my past, it seems that faith has always been the first thing mentioned when talking about anything new that might not follow the old guidelines.

It takes faith to believe in that which is not seen. Have faith in that which you don’t understand. Keep faith that all will be well. If there was little belief, I was to have faith that what was told or explained was fact.

But Haanel has chosen to wait and build a case that what is being talked about in his book is fact. And he has made a believer out of me from the first lesson. What has been proposed has been believable from the get-go. He has chosen to bring faith in here only to state that it “demands a new form of expression, and this faith is taking form in a deep and consciousness of power which is being manifested in the present spiritual activity found on every hand.” In other words, faith to me is now fact. A begets A and B begets B if the immutable laws are followed…

Think of what is wanted in a present state and keep that thought with energy and feeling as the prime thought in my mind. And it can not help to come to fruition. That’s the Cliff’s notes version, but still makes the point.

All I have to this point in my life, if I am clear thinking now (and I am) can be traced to my exact thoughts over my entire 66+ years. That’s probably the greatest discovery at this point in my life. I am elated to know this!!! I wish I could have found this years ago.

I can change and become exactly what I want to become, within reason. That is pretty neat!

To be continued…

Week 10- There is no effect without an adequate cause

This too, I realize. It restates week 8 number 19 which also says” You can not entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts 10 hours a day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by 10 minutes of strong, positive, creative thought.”

So that’s why we have thoughts to counter our negatives that pop in once in a while. There is a ton to do for this and it almost seems daunting. But if all is done, it keeps my mind in that new place and out of the old.

But, this week has gotten away from me. I have let some things slide, like sitting, and it is telling. I have let up on exercise for a time and am now starting back on track. I have to say, consistency was only in reading “The Greatest Salesman” three times daily and countering my off diet with thoughts of love.

This is short and sweet today, I have had a few successes, business wise, but not so much on the spiritual and habit side. Starting once again right now.

To be continued…