Week 4- The Forward shows up

I have had habits that have not been good. I have acted as a child for many years and the MKMMA crew is showing how to change childish impulses into great habits.

But along comes the Forward this week and more is put into order in my mind. Every thought brings into action certain physical bodily changes. As The Greatest Salesman states, sometimes, time is not on my side. Daily meditation is a huge source of power to quicken my belief and shortens the experience time. Throwing off negative thoughts with constant thoughts of my DMP and PPN’s are quickening the journey to my main “I,” the one that directs me.  And it is happening in weeks, not years as has been my past experience.

Now knowing, from the bottom of my heart, (is that the solar plexus?) makes the daily meditations so much more wonderful. Most days when sitting still, there is a calm. And this is usually accomplished after some struggling times. It is those times that I find myself retreating to my chair to meditate. The chair is in the corner of a room, however, I am not facing the corner as I was once… or twice.. asked to do in growing up. Today I get a smile on my face and start breathing easier, quite a contrast to years past. This stuff is pretty nice.

I sent in my DMP with some small adjustments that were mentioned. This could be my final submittal on this DMP, but somehow it seems as there are going to be constant adjustments to that purpose for a lot of years to come. Thanks to Carolyn for her help on this first try at my DMP. Carolyn, you have been wonderful.

To be continued…



Week 3- 3rd and 23, keeping my eye on the goal

Master Keys says eliminate complaining about conditions, past and present, that bother me as I have it within myself to change them. That keeps me going as I truly belief the first two weeks’ lessons. All three weeks’ lessons hit home. And I’m finding that those evil thoughts, those that have had me in a 60 year funk, are not as common as they once were. My eyes are seeing a bigger picture, fun and games in all that I choose to do. How great this feels!

Yes, old ideas and habits creep in, but there is another direction now. I know where to take it. They are acknowledged as being there and thought is then directed to the project or thing that moves me forward, ever growing. As another mighty soul I admire says, “This is pretty neat stuff. Don’t you just have to love it?”

Since school, I have always been engaged in some sort of sales profession. For years, I have dreaded the thought of calling prospects. This makes this profession fairly difficult. It was tough getting out of bed each day, kinda like Mondays when going to school as a kid. Today, I actually had fun cold calling and following up with past calls. This is reflected in my voice, I’m sure. Prospective clients are going to hear what needs to be heard for their betterment. I rejoice in being able to help them with the services I have at hand. They’re going to love it. Og Mandino comes through in The Greatest Salesman in the World. Today my old skin has become as dust. I walk tall among men and they know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.

I’ve been looking for some more dreams that would indicate that I’m going deeper into myself, becoming more or at one with my true guide. It doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough, but then again, it is. I can not believe the majority of thoughts that have changed for the positive in three weeks. Patience grasshopper, patience.

I believe there will be more blogs this week than just this one.           to be continued…



Week two, starting a new way of thinking

How does this happen? What do I do to lose what I’ve written? The second week blog was done and then it was gone! What key am I hitting? Must have needed a rewrite.


I lost this blog again somewhere into the 100 word mark. I called for help. I can not believe it. I didn’t need to figure it out on my own. I have access to a great web developer that put my Word Press site together and he would always be willing to help, but I was too stubborn. I always had to figure it out …ALONE. Now Life is easy!

I have never had good work habits throughout my life.  It is probably no big surprise but my life has not been working and all the suggestions from caring others and experts, has not helped and never seemed to make sense. There always seemed to be a missing piece. Guess I wasn’t in the position to hear till now, or I believe the suggestions didn’t have an explanation attached to the suggestion. Just “do it” never crossed my mind.

I love to read and learn, but the thought of reading a chapter over and over and over, and three times a day, are you kiddin’ me? This  would never have happened till now. Explained, creating new habits is the aim, albeit, good habits, that works. I’m certainly not afraid of work, my mind needs reason

I have been in a couple book study groups that revolve around the Big Me and Little Me, Power of Now, A Course in Miracles and others for the past five years. So when I heard what Mark had to say in his video promoting this course, it really struck a chord. It made sense. It all kind of came together. I’ve always known everything was inside us, that we are a piece of the total energy or God or whatever you prefer to call it. we have access to the whole of the ocean even though we are but a drop in that ocean. The habits are what are changing my life.

I’ve been meditating for a number of years now, but never had the experience I had a couple days ago. My body relaxed, totally, and I had maybe 5 seconds of serenity, total bliss, nothing there but I’m sure a smile.

That night, I had a couple dreams. Does anyone like analyzing dreams? My first dream lead me into what could have been a very enjoyable situation. I at least entertained the thought of enjoying it all but ultimately turned it down. What is interesting is I liked the idea of something new and different. The second dream came immediately after. We have an older couple that lives at the end of our street and in the dream, they were moving. All their belongings were in the garage and drive waiting to be loaded in their small van. It would never have all fitted. The wife was crying with the idea of leaving their old home and moving to their dream location. It was hard, but they ended up driving down the road and leaving lots behind. Pretty neat stuff!

Thanks for reading. To be continued…





week one, getting going on the journey

Third try. Thank heaven, think I saved the second draft.

First blog to see if it will appear. This is a second go around . Tried deleting a word and deleted the whole initial blog. First week habits are going well. Some of the technical is taking more than anticipated. For instance, thought I had enrolled in the WordPress blog only to find I was not there. Kinda like life has been; there but not there. Looking forward to find out more about the me inside of me. Think I’ll copy this in case I get lost again. To be continued…